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Have you ever wondered how to make money with Facebook? There are millions of people and approximately over 40 million small businesses using Facebook to promote their brand and engage with their customers on social media. It’s only fitting that Facebook would have ways to make money online. I will go over the different ways of how you can use Facebook to make money.


Post Comments with Affiliate Link

There are many affiliate marketing networks, that companies register with them, the affiliate marketer registers with the networks with companies that go with their niche. Some of the affiliate marketing networks like ShareASale, Flex Offers, Amazon, Etsy and many more. Once the affiliate marketer joins their network and selects companies that go with their niche, the affiliate marketer gets a commission from the sale at no extra cost to the consumer.

Affiliate marketing and social media marketing go together. Once you’ve been approved by the companies, post about the product or service with the affiliate links attached. Anyone who purchases from your link, you earn a small commission. You can also send links from your website to your Facebook fan page. If you are interested in learning more about affiliate marketing, check out my 2021 Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Selling Facebook likes

People are trying to get as many likes as possible on their Facebook page. Some people are willing to pay money to get those likes. It is recommended you are experienced with generating Facebook likes. there are other online free and paid tools available that will do the same thing, for example; use images as a regular part of your content. Most people leave a group or page because their posts are not interesting. Engage in other Facebook pages and groups related to your niche.


Sell your Fan Page

Believe it or not, this is a thing! I had no idea you could sell your fan page for money. People actually create fan pages to get likes and followers and post content regularly with the intention of selling the page later. There are online platforms where people auction Facebook fan pages.

You can also generate income on a regular basis with Facebook groups, selling Facebook accounts, Facebook market place and Facebook ads. Facebook is the most popular social media platform out there and Facebook continues to launch new things to benefit their users and keep them engaged.

Be an Influential Marketer

This is similar to posting sponsored ads. A business or agency approaches you to be an influential marketer. Influential marketers are promoting a brand or an idea, not a product or service. Having a huge fan base doesn’t help in this case because not everyone may like your brand being promoted.

Publish Sponsored Posts

If you have a large fan base following your page, you could earn money by posting ads for businesses or people from your fan page. For example I have a gardening page “Gardening at the Simongetti North“, when my following gets large enough, a gardening business could ask me to run ads for them on my page and in return I make money.

Create an Offer on your Facebook Page

This requires a business or brand fan page. This is the best place to offer sales ideas, coupons or discounts on products or services. A post can be created with all the details for the product or service, the post it. Your post will reach all of your followers directly. People like getting deals, especially if it involves their social media account.

Facebook Marketing Tools

Use Facebook Messenger Marketing – the hottest opportunity using digital marketing today. People will open a messenger message 50 to 85% of the time. Messenger has a conversion rate of 3-5x higher than Facebook desktop ads.

Use content scheduling and publishing, by creating post and content ahead of time and schedule them out when you will be too busy to do it.  This keeps your people engaged.

Use Hashtag targeting – with my niche being gardening, I use gardening hashtags to promote my content.

Use FaceBook Monetization tools

Monetization is referring to the process of turning a non-revenue-generating item into cash, essentially liquidating an asset or object into legal tender. People who have websites monetize their website by making space available to advertisers, and earning income from various types of content published to their website.

Include ads in your videos – this requires at least 10,000 page followers. Money can be made using in-stream ads.

Include ads in your articles – this is helpful for bloggers. Instant articles can help generate revenue through ads in your articles.

Add a paid subscription page – Fan subscriptions allow your audience who care about your page to directly fund it through monthly, recurring payments that you set.

Collaborate with Brands – You can generate revenue by publishing content that features or is influenced by a business partner. Brands should work with content creators and their audiences.

Earn Money from your live Video – Stars allows you to earn money from the video content you post. Viewers can buy stars and send them to yo while you’re doing a live Facebook stream or on a past video that stars were enabled.

My Final Thoughts

Using Facebook to create an income is definitely a thing. Most of the ideas listed above you need a huge following, with lots of likes, create interesting content to keep your peeps engaged and stay with your page or group. There is definitely ways to earn money on Facebook. Using Facebook in conjunction with affiliate marketing is also a great combination to drive people to your website.

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Does anyone use Facebook to monetize your website?

Thoughts about using Facebook?

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8 thoughts on “How to Make Money with Facebook”

  1. Thanks for sharing such a helpful article! Beneficial information. I wasn’t aware of the many ways how to make money on Facebook. I am thinking of developing a page for my website to promote it. I haven’t tried monetization tools yet, but I think I should, as the option sounds quite natural. I didn’t know that you can even sell your fan page. That is great!

  2. I’m amazed at how many ways there is to earn money on Facebook. I kinda had the idea that likes could be bought. But I never imagined fan pages were built to be sold later. I would like to learn about all these opportunities that are currently available online. And affiliate marketing seems to be a hot one.

    • Hi Paolo,

      Thank you for your comments.  I wasn’t aware fan pages could be sold until I started researching. Affiliate marketing is a viable passive income after you put in the time and effort.

  3. Honestly, I had no idea there were so many ways in which you could make money by using Facebook. The only one I knew about was the advertising method, but I’m quite surprised to know that some people are willing to purchase tan pages. Facebook really has an abroad monetization alternatives that I think anyone could benefit from, even if you’re not an influencer, nor have any idea of how to become one.

    • Hi Stephanie

      Thank you for your comments.  I was just as surprised when I was researching it.  I am also surprised about people purchasing fan pages.

  4. Hi and thanks for sharing this. It looks like you have covered every conceivable way to making money as an affiliate using Facebook. I must admit I assumed most social media sites do not like affiliate links. I am a member of a few groups on Facebook and affiliate links are not allowed on most of these groups. And of course, if you break that rule you will be removed from the group. I note that you say most of these require that you have already created a very substantial following. I am sure that takes a lot of effort. Thanks again and best regards, Andy

    • Hi Andy,

      Thank you for your comments.  You are correct Facebook really doesn’t like affiliate links.  I have a group and a page where I promote my website and when they click on my post, it takes them to my website.  There are ways of getting around Facebook rules.


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