Keyword Finder – Jaaxy Review 2022

Hello! Today I want to talk to you about keyword search tools. Having a keyword search tool is the key to success or failure in the website world today. When starting or maintaining a website it is important to do your research so your post and website will rank in search with Google, Yahoo and … Read more

Commission Academy verses Wealthy Affiliate

Hello! Are you looking for more help with affiliate marketing?  Today I want to talk about Commission Academy verses Wealthy Affiliate.  Commission academy is one of the leading affiliate marketing training platforms out there, along with Wealthy Affiliate.  They both provide access to tools and resources to become a successful affiilate and step-by-step training.  Wealthy … Read more

Search Engine Optimization – Rankings and Traffic

Hello! Some of you are wondering what is SEO? What is it used for? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. When people go to search for an item, term or whatever, in Google, Bing or DuckDuckGo, they are entering into a search engine. Search engines are like answering machines. They take in billions of pieces … Read more

How to get more Subscribers on YouTube – Using VidIQ

Hello! Some of you may know I have started a gardening YouTube channel, called Gardening at the Simongetti North, if you are into gardening, check it out. Since I started my channel and even today, I have been doing a lot of studying with how to start a YouTube channel, how to create thumbnails, edit … Read more

How to be Successful on YouTube

Hello! I just wanted to give an update since I uploaded my first YouTube video. I am really enjoying making videos but there is a lot to learn. I have been studying on how to be successful on YouTube, and Grow a YouTube channel. Like I posted before there are struggles with creating YouTube videos … Read more

How to Start a Website – Create a Blog Website

Hello! Today I decided to write a post on how to start a website and how I created my blog website. I never had any web design or any training that way. Having a website can help earn a passive income or just have fun with your niche. Please continue reading if you are interested … Read more

How to Create a YouTube Video

Hello! Today I want to talk about how to create a YouTube video. This is something I am going to be doing soon and I am researching on how to create a YouTube Video and I thought I would share the information I learn with you. YouTube isn’t just a video hosting community its another … Read more

How to Make Money with Facebook

Hello! Have you ever wondered how to make money with Facebook? There are millions of people and approximately over 40 million small businesses using Facebook to promote their brand and engage with their customers on social media. It’s only fitting that Facebook would have ways to make money online. I will go over the different … Read more

What is Affiliate Marketing Training?

Hello! Have you ever wanted to get away from the mundane drive to the office or work at the store as a clerk or looking for a way to work from home or looking to supplement your retirement income? You might want to consider affiliate marketing. What is affiliate marketing training? Affiliate marketing is promoting … Read more


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